Business Impact Assessment

1/3Tell us a bit about your organisation to get started
Which area are you based in?
How many employees do you have?

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How many of them are hourly-paid?
Nobody is paid hourly
How many of them are managers?
2/3Tell us about the challenges you face and how well you are digitally covered to address the issues
To what degree have you automated your Time & Attendance registration to improve accuracy of time and absence data?
To what degree can you validate T&A against collective and local agreements and manage irregularities digitally?
Not relevant
To what degree can you manage holiday leave and sickness absence to comply with rules and deadlines?
3/3You could see more savings and gains if you digitalise other aspects of your workforce management
To what degree are you digitally optimising workforce scheduling to align business demands and reduce overtime?
To what degree have you effectively streamlined reporting of time spent on projects, activities for review and correct invoicing?
To what degree are you getting real-time information on time spent on production orders to optimise deliveries and effectively follow-up on costs?
To what degree would you benefit from improving employee experience through self-service via multiple user interfaces?
To what degree can you get workforce insights at hand to enable forecasting, follow-up, optimisation and post calculation?
To what degree could you benefit from reduced double data entry and errors, by integrating systems for easy transfer of payroll, HR and ERP data?
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